Chapter 8RAM It!

The Challenge

People in most businesses are officially held accountable for their results once a month, if that. As a result, focus, urgency, and execution are inconsistent most of the time. Because of this, poor performers fall into prolonged ruts, master the art of execution (MAX) acts become options rather than mandates, and accountability is scarcer than soap on a sow.

Conduct Daily Rhythm of Accountability Meetings

In my workshop titled “How to Master the Art of Execution (MAX),” I present a fourth strategy of execution that is key to accountability: Conduct daily rhythm of accountability meetings (RAMs). “RAM It!” for short.

RAMs are five-minute, stand up, roll call–style meetings, where each team member posts his or her MAX acts results from the previous day on a strategically placed team MAX board.

RAMs provide a forum for quickly recognizing those who performed well the day before and exposing those who did not. They are a cultural game changer, especially when one understands the dynamics of reporting to, and being held accountable by, an entire team (peer pressure) and not just the boss. Here are seven RAM guidelines and suggestions.

  1. Conduct them early in the morning, or at the beginning of each shift, if applicable. When people arrive to work, their focus is often still in remission. A RAM hastens focus, brings closure to the prior day's MAX acts for each individual, acclaims what was positive, exposes what needs improvement, and strengthens ...

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