Chapter 17Beware the Five Seductions of Leadership

The Challenge

Your number one vulnerability as a leader is the one you are unaware of. It is the threat you don't know exists and never see coming. It is the unexpected sucker punch that has the potential to set you back, sometimes to an irrecoverable level. This section will help you cope with this challenge by shining a spotlight on five of these clear and present dangers to your leadership.

Watch Out Fors and To Dos

Up to this point in the second strategy for mastering the art of execution (MAX), “Get the Leaders Right!,” we've discussed these key points:

  • Don't overmanage and underlead.
  • Stretch, lead from the trenches, and change before you have to.
  • Your role as a daily catalyst.
  • Earn buy-in with the five Cs.
  • Shed the baggage that affects everyone else's journey.
  • The importance of staying hungry with a red belt mind-set.
  • The truth about mediocrity—it starts with me.

These chapters have blended what to watch out fors along with to dos. This chapter adds to the what to watch out for column.

The Truth about Seduction

Seduce is defined as “to lead astray, as from duty, rectitude, or the like; corrupt” (, n.d.). Other people, emergencies, and conditions of all sorts arise as daily seducers that can deepen a leader's fray. Becoming aware of these seducers is the first stop to identifying them, overcoming them, or avoiding them altogether. In doing this, you can allow yourself and others to execute daily MAX ...

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