Chapter 18Five Ways Conventional Wisdom Destroys Your Potential

The Challenge

An abundance of simpleminded leaders routinely follow the what's conventional herd rather than challenging what's always been or the conventional wisdom that sounds good but has serious flaws. If you are going to get the process, leaders, culture, and team right, it's important to remember this: For the most part, the herd is average; when you follow it, you tend to step in what it leaves behind.

If You Want to Change Your Results, Change Your Philosophy

Your personal and business philosophies go a long way in determining whether you can even begin to approach reaching your fullest potential as a leader. Because your thoughts determine behaviors, and your behaviors determine results, it's essential to examine the leadership philosophy at the core of your results.

Following are five conventional yet failed philosophies that leaders often embrace, costing them and their organizations dearly in terms of results. Unfortunately, some of these beliefs are so commonly stated that they have become accepted as absolutes.

  1. “Everyone has unlimited potential.” This is true. Everyone has unlimited potential at something. No one has unlimited potential at everything. People have unlimited potential only in an area where they are gifted or where they possess talent. The problem is that leaders routinely invest more time, money, and training in people who have no talent for what they're being paid to do. Their ...

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