Chapter 37Ten Tips to Retain Talent

The Challenge

Talent isn't likely to show up at your organization's doorstep fully developed. Although you cannot put into someone what was left out, your job is to do all you can to draw out of someone what is within him or her. Developing and retaining talent are two key aspects of getting the team right. Following is a 10-point checklist to grade your organization in this regard. You will likely notice some recurring themes from earlier chapters throughout the book. They are here again for a reason—they are important. Plus, I don't mind mentioning something 10 times, 10 ways, if one of them gets through and causes you to take action.

Ten Tips

  1. Hire right. If you don't hire people with the character and competence to achieve your objectives, they will most likely fail and leave (or they will fail and you'll fire them). By considering hiring as an elimination process, and using strategic questions to dig into a candidate's life to search for the six key traits listed in the last chapter, you will take huge strides forward in this regard. In addition, you'll save yourself from being duped by the like factor during an interview.
  2. Lead by example. If you are applying what you learned in “Get the Leaders Right!,” you should be progressing well in this area. This is a daily discipline, and one poor decision concerning your values or motives can derail the months or years of reputation that you have built. Stay sharp.
  3. Develop the talent in your ...

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