iWork For Dummies addresses the basics of all six iWork apps — Pages, Keynote, and Presentations on Mac and iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch). It then delves into the specifics of each app. Tools such as page layouts, charts and tables, and slide presentations can show up in any iWork application. This reflects the way people work, although it doesn’t often reflect the way in which other office products have been built. If you’re used to another office suite, some of this may be disorienting. Everyone knows that tables and charts are part of spreadsheets, page layout tools are part of word processing, and slide shows are for presentations.

As is often the case with things that “everyone knows,” this approach is often wrong. You can easily find an office suite in which a word processor can be used to build charts and tables. While spreadsheets can also be used to build charts and tables, the commands and the results can be quite different.

In iWork, the basic commands for page layout, charts and tables, and graphic objects are the same for all iWork applications. Some expanded options and features are added for specific applications. For example, you use the same basic tools to create and edit charts and tables in all three applications, but Numbers, which is the spreadsheet application, has added features for charts and tables beyond those available in Pages and Keynote.

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