Chapter 5

Working with Colors, Fonts, Shapes, and Images

In This Chapter

arrow Livening up your presentations with color

arrow Using shapes to organize and highlight information

arrow Adding images to your documents

iWork blurs the lines between page layout, spreadsheets, and presentations, so, in many ways, it doesn’t matter where you start. As you continue, you can add colors, fonts, shapes, and media to any of those documents — and you do it all in the same way. This chapter collects those additional document objects and shows you how to work with them. Caution: You’ll soon see that the folks at Apple have made it possible to work almost the same way with colors, fonts, shapes, and images. There’s not much to learn once you know the basics.

Using Selection Buttons and Info on iWork for iOS

Although iOS has no menu bar, remember that with many apps (including the iWork apps for iOS), tapping an object on the screen can bring up selection buttons just above the object you have tapped. The selection buttons are context-sensitive, so they vary depending on the object you have tapped. Figure 5-1 shows selection buttons for a word that’s selected on a Keynote slide.

As you see in Figures 5-1 and 5-2, ...

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