Chapter 18

Formatting and Printing Numbers Documents

In This Chapter

arrow Displaying charts and tables effectively on paper

arrow Reorganizing, sorting, and categorizing data

arrow Searching for data values

arrow Printing on mobile devices

Each iWork app has its own settings for its documents and their major subdivisions (sections for Pages documents, slides for Keynote documents, and sheets for Numbers documents). For Keynote presentations and Pages documents, the size of the canvas you’re working with is set for the document. In the case of Numbers documents, each sheet can have a different size; it’s only when it comes time to print a sheet that you need to worry about its actual size. That’s one of the reasons why the procedures for formatting and printing Numbers documents are somewhat different from the procedures for formatting and printing other iWork documents.

tip.eps Many people use their Mac rather than an iOS device to manage large documents, particularly for printing. Accordingly, this chapter focuses ...

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