Chapter 30. Numbers for iCloud

We live in a crazy world, where you never know when you might suddenly need access to your spreadsheets. Maybe you’re out and about when you spot the cappuccino machine of your dreams, but you need to review this month’s expenses before splurging. Maybe you forgot to bring a printout of the spreadsheet proving your stellar attendance record to your dreaded performance meeting. Or maybe you bump into your childhood friend at the train station and she wants to know what you’ve been up to since high school (hey, there’s no reason why you can’t keep a spreadsheet of things like that).

Whenever unforeseen spreadsheet-related drama occurs, Numbers for iCloud gets you out of these tight spots by letting you access all of your Numbers for iCloud documents from any computer or iDevice with an Internet connection. (Remember, an iDevice is an iPhone, iPad, or iPhone Touch). In this chapter, you get up close and personal with Numbers for iCloud by learning how to create and edit spreadsheets.


If you connect the Numbers for iOS app to iCloud, then your spreadsheets are available the second you log into Numbers for iCloud. If this sounds like a good deal, check out Connecting iWork for Mac to iCloud, which shows you how to connect iOS apps to iCloud. Likewise, if you’ve been saving and sharing your Numbers for Mac documents to iCloud, those spreadsheets will be waiting for you, too (see Sharing via iCloud for more info).

And remember: You can use all the iWork ...

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