Including an Applet

You can include an applet or JavaBeans component in a JSP page by using the jsp:plugin element. This element generates HTML that contains the appropriate client-browser-dependent constructs (<object> or <embed>) that will result in the download of the Java Plug-in software (if required) and client-side component and subsequent execution of any client-side component. The syntax for the jsp:plugin element is as follows:

   { align="alignment" } 
   { archive="archiveList" } 
   { height="height" } 
   { hspace="hspace" } 
   { jreversion="jreversion" } 
   { name="componentName" } 
   { vspace="vspace" } 
   { width="width" } 
   { nspluginurl="url" } 
   { iepluginurl="url" } > { <jsp:params> ...

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