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Java 10 Features and Java 11 Preview

Video Description

Learn the latest features in Java 10 and get a preview to Java 11. This video series includes five clips:

  • Java Roadmap. The first clip in this series introduces us to Java 10 including the roadmap of the language. Learn the history of Java, as well as about the previous versions and their most prominent features.
  • Java 10 Features. The second clip in this series explains Java 10 functionality, starting with the biggest changes like local-variable type interfence all the way to docker awareness.
  • New APIs. The third clip in this series explores the 72 new APIs included in the standard library and their usages.
  • Changes in the JVM and Language Specification. The fourth clip in this series explains the noteworthy changes in JVM and Language Specification, mostly tied to local-variable type interfence.
  • Java 11 Preview. The fifth clip in this series explores the possible functionlity of Java 11 and the long term roadmap for future Java projects, as well as Java’s future in general.

Table of Contents

  1. Java Roadmap 00:10:52
  2. Java 10 Features 00:38:16
  3. New APIs 00:28:21
  4. Changes in the JVM and Language Specification 00:14:33
  5. Java 11 Preview 00:17:32