How to do it...

Follow these steps to implement the example:

  1. Create a class named MyFormatter that extends the java.util.logging.Formatter class. Implement the abstract format() method. It receives a LogRecord object as a parameter and returns a String object with a log message:
        public class MyFormatter extends Formatter {           @Override           public String format(LogRecord record) {              StringBuilder sb=new StringBuilder();             sb.append("["+record.getLevel()+"] - ");             sb.append(new Date(record.getMillis())+" : ");             sb.append(record.getSourceClassName()+ "."                      +record.getSourceMethodName()+" : ");             sb.append(record.getMessage()+"\n");.             return sb.toString();           }
  1. Create a class named MyLoggerFactory:
        public class MyLoggerFactory {
  1. Declare a private ...

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