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Java 9 Functional Data Processing

Video Description

Learn Data Processing with Java 9

About This Video

  • A Comprehensive guide to using data processing with Java 9

  • Leverage the power of Functional Programming

  • Cover different types of data structures with examples

  • In Detail

    The course will introduce viewers to the different data structures available in Java 9, and how they can leverage them to process and manipulate data. We will start with a simple CSV data file, containing information about songs played on a music streaming service.

    The Videos will teach you about the data file that will be parsed using the Apache Commons framework, giving the audience exposure to using Maven for dependency management, and we will model the contents of the file using our previous song streaming example. The audience will then learn how to use loops to process, filter, and mutate the data in the file. As a bonus, at the end of the product we will learn how to simplify our processing logic using functional programming.