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Java 9 New Features Deep Dive

Video Description

Explore the new modular programming concept in Java 9 and know how it will affect you and your clients ahead of time.

About This Video

  • Get up-and-running with Java 9 more quickly.

  • Start writing modular Java code by understanding Project Jigsaw, how it changes your code, and how you use the JDK.

  • Prepare to implement Java 9 in your next projects, and understand the implications this will have on your or your client's projects.

  • In Detail

    Java 9 intends to change the way Java developers used to write code. It introduces a modular JDK so that developers can only include the modules that they need. The prospect of being one of the first to explore the brand new JDK from Java is the primary motivator. Also, this is the biggest change that has been introduced in Java for a while.

    The primary motivator for this video is to see it as a preparatory course for what’s to come in Java 9. We will emphasize the impact new features will have on development, and of course get the viewer actually writing out their own Java 9 code examples too.

    We will start up with the setting up of Java 9 and learn the modularization concepts and then proceed to deployment. This should be hands on look at Java 9, but no one will be using it to make real-world applications yet. This is an assessment video for the millions of Java developers out there looking to put it to the test.