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Josh Juneau, Java 9 Recipes, 10.1007/978-1-4842-1976-8_2

2. Java 9 Enhancements

Josh Juneau

(1)Hinckley, Illinois, USA

Each release of the JDK brings forth new enhancements and capability to the Java platform. Each release also carries with it backward compatibility with previous releases. This book includes a number of recipes covering the new features for Java 9, and this chapter showcases a few of the top enhancements to whet your appetite. By no means is this chapter a complete listing of all Java 9 enhancements. Rather, it is a jump start to get you going on some of the hot new features of Java 9.

2-1. Avoiding Redundancy in Interface Code


You would like to implement two or more default methods within an interface that ...

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