Chapter 6

Choosing from a List


check Using the ChoiceBox control

check Working with the ObservableList interface

check Listening for changes to the user’s selection

check Using the ComboBox and ListView controls

check Using the TreeView control

An entire category of JavaFX controls are designed to let the user choose one or more items from a list. This chapter presents three such controls: choice boxes, combo boxes, and lists. Along the way, you discover how to use the ObservableList interface, which is used to manage the list of items displayed by a choice box, combo box, or a list view control.

Actually, if you’ve read along so far, you’ve already been briefly introduced to the ObservableList interface, as it’s also used to manage the list of controls that are displayed in a layout pane. In Chapter 5, you read about how to use the addAll method of this interface. In this chapter, you read about the additional capabilities of this interface.

You also discover how to add an event listener that can ...

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