Chapter 4. Building Basic Projects

Writing code is important, but any code you write is irrelevant until it is built. During initial research phases of projects, you may have only five or ten classes to worry about building. Early on, you may even build one class at a time. In the beginning, you easily manage your build process.

As your project progresses, you accumulate more classes and libraries. You start giving your manager or testers packaged builds. You integrate your code with that of other developers. In short, your build becomes complex. With time, the building and packaging of your code can take an hour or even several hours. Spending more time building and packaging code rather than writing it becomes a reality.

You do not want to spend hours of your day building and packaging code for your manager or testers. You are busy and don't have time for that. The more automation you put into your build process, the less time you spend away from your code. This chapter explores automating Java builds on OS X so you can focus on coding.

Building Xcode Projects

Automated Java builds on OS X fall into three categories: IDE project builds, build tool scripts, and shell scripts. Xcode is an excellent IDE, freely available to OS X developers. You can use Xcode's default JNI Library template to set up your initial Java project build. Default builds are used ...

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