Chapter 5. Deploying Applications

In this chapter, I explore the creation of OS X application bundles from Java applications. JAR files do not have icons associated with them and are treated as documents by OS X until you bundle them as application bundles. OS X application bundles contain everything applications need to run. This includes libraries, images, icons, and property files.

Part of creating a desirable application on OS X is icon creation. Icons on OS X are works of art. As such, I explain the roles of vector drawing programs and raster art creation in implementing beautiful application icons.

Finally, I explain the installation options available for your Java applications on OS X. Installations vary from simple drag-and-drops, to creating more complex installers with programs like izPack. I explain the Apple's recommended installation method (using DMGs) in detail.

A demo application with icon art is available from this book's Web site for use in producing the packages, installations, and icons described in this chapter. The application is Checkbook Demo. It includes two JAR libraries, command-line interface integration, an image for an icon label, an embedded database, several source files, and a basic application icon. I intend Checkbook Demo to demonstrate deployment of a feature-rich application, not to work as functional checkbook software. ...

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