orbd: Naming Service Daemon — JDK 1.4


orbd -ORBInitialPort <ns-port> [ options ]


The orbd tool is a server daemon that runs a CORBA Naming Service. It’s a replacement for the tnameserv tool, which is still provided as part of Sun’s JDK (described later). orbd supports both transient and persistent CORBA servants running within its Naming Service. For transient naming services, orbd can be used in a similar fashion to tnameserv. The Naming Service is started and told to listen on a particular port using the -ORBInitialPort option, and CORBA servants are registered directly to this Naming Service on the given port. These servants are transient, in the sense that their references in the Naming Service last only for the lifetime of the orbd process.

To access the persistent services of orbd, you must use servertool (described later in the chapter). The orbd daemon has a persistent reference manager internally and a database of persistent references. The daemon can use these to reinitialize a servant if it dies or to reinitialize a servant reference if the orbd daemon dies and is restarted. On their own, CORBA servants can access the default transient services of orbd, but servertool can invoke orbd ’s persistent reference services using an internal protocol between itself and orbd. To make a CORBA servant persistent, register it with orbd using the servertool command interface.

To start the orbd daemon, run it from the command line with (at a minimum) an initial ...

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