Package java.rmi


The main package in RMI contains the principle objects used in RMI clients and servers. The Remote interface and the Naming class are used to define and locate RMI objects over the network. The RMISecurityManager class provides additional security semantics required for RMI interactions. The MarshalledObject class is used during remote method calls for certain method arguments. In addition, this core package contains a number of basic RMI exception types used during remote object lookups and remote method calls.


  • Remote


  • MarshalledObject

  • Naming

  • RMISecurityManager


  • AlreadyBoundException

  • NotBoundException

  • RemoteException

    • AccessException

    • ConnectException

    • ConnectIOException

    • MarshalException

    • NoSuchObjectException

    • ServerError

    • ServerException

    • ServerRuntimeException

    • StubNotFoundException

    • UnexpectedException

    • UnknownHostException

    • UnmarshalException

  • RMISecurityException

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