Package java.rmi.activation


This package contains the interfaces, classes and exceptions that represent the RMI activation system, introduced in JDK 1.2. This RMI service allows you to define remote objects that are not instantiated on the server until a client request triggers their activation. The activation system provides the means to specify how a remote object is activated and how activated objects are grouped into Java VMs.


  • ActivationInstantiator

  • ActivationMonitor

  • ActivationSystem

  • Activator


  • Activatable

  • ActivationDesc

  • ActivationGroup

  • ActivationGroup_Stub , java.rmi.Remote;

  • ActivationGroupDesc

  • ActivationGroupDesc.CommandEnvironment

  • ActivationGroupID

  • ActivationID


  • ActivateFailedException

  • ActivationException

    • UnknownGroupException

    • UnknownObjectException

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