The base class of all exceptions thrown by Context and methods. NamingException can include information about where the operation failed, such as the portion of a name that has been resolved and the portion that remains to be resolved. A NamingException can also include a root cause exception, which is the exception object that caused the naming exception to be thrown.

                  Returned By
public class NamingException extends Exception {
// Public Constructors
   public NamingException();  
   public NamingException( String explanation);  
// Property Accessor Methods (by property name)
   public String getExplanation();                               // default:null
   public javax.naming.Name getRemainingName();                  // default:null
   public void setRemainingName( javax.naming.Name name);  
   public javax.naming.Name getResolvedName();                   // default:null
   public void setResolvedName( javax.naming.Name name);  
   public Object getResolvedObj();                               // default:null
   public void setResolvedObj( Object obj);  
   public Throwable getRootCause();                              // default:null
   public void setRootCause( Throwable e);  
// Public Instance Methods
   public void appendRemainingComponent( String name);  
   public void appendRemainingName( javax.naming.Name name);  
   public String toString( boolean detail);  
// Public Methods Overriding Throwable
   public void printStackTrace();  
   public void printStackTrace( PrintStream ps);  
   public void printStackTrace ...

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