A convenience class that can be used by filter developers to modify the behavior of a HttpServletResponse object. The default implementation of each method calls through to the original HttpServletResponse object, and methods can be selectively overridden to provide additional functionality. HttpServletResponseWrapper objects can also be used in calls to the forward() and include() methods of RequestDispatcher.

                  Passed To
public class HttpServletResponseWrapper extends ServletResponseWrapper implements HttpServletResponse {
// Public Constructors
   public HttpServletResponseWrapper(
        HttpServletResponse response);  
// Methods Implementing HttpServletResponse
   public void addCookie( Cookie cookie);  
   public void addDateHeader( String name, long date);  
   public void addHeader( String name, String value);  
   public void addIntHeader( String name, int value);  
   public boolean containsHeader( String name);  
   public String encodeRedirectUrl( String url);  
   public String encodeRedirectURL( String url);  
   public String encodeURL( String url);  
   public String encodeUrl( String url);  
   public void sendError( int sc) throws IOException;  
   public void sendError(int sc, 
        String msg) throws IOException;  
   public void sendRedirect(
        String location) throws IOException;  
   public void setDateHeader( String name, long date);  
   public void setHeader( String name, String value);  
   public void setIntHeader ...

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