Package javax.transaction


The javax.transaction package is the main package in the Java Transaction API (JTA). The JTA defines the interfaces needed to interact with a transaction manager. A transaction manager sits in between applications and shared resources, like a relational database or a messaging service, and ensures that transactional interactions between the two are handled correctly. An application server interacts directly with the transaction manager on behalf of client applications; application servers use the TransactionManager interface and Transaction objects, and client applications acquire UserTransactions through the application server. See the EJB chapter for an overview of the nature of transactions and how they are used in distributed applications to ensure consistency.


  • Status

  • Synchronization

  • Transaction

  • TransactionManager

  • UserTransaction


  • HeuristicCommitException

  • HeuristicMixedException

  • HeuristicRollbackException

  • InvalidTransactionException

  • NotSupportedException

  • RollbackException

  • SystemException

  • TransactionRequiredException

  • TransactionRolledbackException

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