Package java.rmi.server


This package contains the classes used to implement server implementations of remote objects. The RemoteServer class in this package acts as the base class for all RMI server objects. A single subclass of RemoteServer, UnicastRemoteObject, is provided in this package. It implements a non-persistent, point-to-point object communication scheme. Other subclasses of RemoteServer could be written to implement multicast object communication, replicated objects, etc. This package also contains several Exception subclasses relevant to the server implementation of a remote object.


  • LoaderHandler

  • RemoteCall

  • RemoteRef

  • RMIClientSocketFactory

  • RMIFailureHandler

  • RMIServerSocketFactory

  • ServerRef

  • Skeleton

  • Unreferenced


  • LogStream

  • ObjID

  • Operation

  • RemoteObject , Serializable;

    • RemoteServer

      • UnicastRemoteObject

    • RemoteStub

  • RMIClassLoader

  • RMIClassLoaderSpi

  • RMISocketFactory , RMIServerSocketFactory;

  • UID


  • ExportException

    • SocketSecurityException

  • ServerCloneException

  • ServerNotActiveException

  • SkeletonMismatchException

  • SkeletonNotFoundException

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