Chapter 1

All about Java

In This Chapter

arrow What Java is

arrow Where Java came from

arrow Why Java is so cool

arrow How to orient yourself to object-oriented programming

Say what you want about computers. As far as I’m concerned, computers are good for just two simple reasons:

check.png When computers do work, they feel no resistance, no stress, no boredom, and no fatigue. Computers are our electronic slaves. I have my computer working 24/7 doing calculations for SETI@home — the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. Do I feel sorry for my computer because it’s working so hard? Does the computer complain? Will the computer report me to the National Labor Relations Board? No.

I can make demands, give the computer its orders, and crack the whip. Do I (or should I) feel the least bit guilty? Not at all.

check.png Computers move ideas, not paper. Not long ago, when you wanted to send a message to someone, you hired a messenger. ...

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