Java Game development

Video Description

Although this course is focused on creating a clone of the popular game "Flappy Bird", it will also teach you valuable concepts of games programming such as an effective game loop and the loading of resources into your game. The way that we program this entire project is not unique to Flappy Bird, the student will be left with a basic, but solid, game engine that will allow them to quickly prototype any 2D game ideas that they may have. We create and customise the window that we will ultimately be rendering to. We create some interfaces that are core to our game engine. Using the window and interfaces we created we will render to the screen The game loop we will be creating is one of the most important parts of this course. In this section we will explain in-depth and program the game loop. We will program the entities that our game will be rendering and updating. In the case of Flappy Bird, this will be the Bird and the scrolling Pipes. We will be creating a customised input handler for our game.

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  • Title: Java Game development
  • Author(s): Stone River eLearning
  • Release date: December 2015
  • Publisher(s): Stone River eLearning
  • ISBN: 100000006A0420