Java: Object-Oriented Programming Concepts

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Get started with Java and object-oriented programming concepts

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  • Get an in-depth understanding of data structures and the Java Collections framework

  • Create your own data structures

  • Reinforcement of learning through projects and practical explanation about OOP concepts

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    Java is a mature, elegant and sophisticated object oriented language that runs in a JVM (Java Virtual Machine).Once compiled into bytecode, Java can run in a JVM regardless of the underlying environment, Java is “Write once and run anywhere”. Over the years Java has built for itself the reputation of a language that is capable of delivering high performance robust applications that are elegant,structured and sophisticated. Java is about the Object Oriented way.

    There are several aspects of the Java language that must be mastered for a developer to use Java at its full potential: The distinction between Classes and Objects, the interaction of Objects and Classes in the forging of an application, the concepts of OO programming (Inheritance and Polymorphism, Abstract Classes and Interfaces, Abstraction and Encapsulation), the memory model, Object identity, the Java Collections framework.

    You will learn about all these fundamental aspects in this course.


    This course is for programmers who have coded in Java or who have been coding in Java and wish to move to the next level and start the journey to become a confident java developer and why not a expert. This course is also the first step in moving from writing unstructured code to writing structured, elegant, articulated programs.

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    • Title: Java: Object-Oriented Programming Concepts
    • Author(s): Richard Naoufal
    • Release date: May 2018
    • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
    • ISBN: 9781788296106