Chapter 12

Skinning Your Application with CSS

In This Chapter

arrow Applying styles in several ways

arrow Creating your own style sheet

arrow Controlling fonts through font styles

arrow Creating fills and borders with CSS

One of the most powerful features of JavaFX is its ability to use CSS (which stands for Cascading Style Sheets) to control the visual appearance of your user interface. With CSS, you can change the look and feel of your application without actually changing any of the Java code that powers your application. CSS essentially disconnects the visual aspects of your program from the application logic.

The terms theme and skin are used somewhat interchangeably to refer to the look and feel of an application. A theme or skin governs many aspects of visual appearance, including the font used for text, background fills, border styles and colors, how items react when the mouse is hovered over them, and many more.

In this chapter, I first discuss how to switch an entire application between two of the default themes provided with JavaFX. Then, you discover how to craft your own style sheets and apply ...

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