Chapter 14

Adding Special Effects

In This Chapter

arrow Applying shadows to your shapes

arrow Working with reflections

arrow Making items blurry

arrow Working with the Bloom and Glow classes

arrow Adding perspective to flat drawings

arrow Combining special effects

Welcome to the Special Effects chapter! Here, you read about how to embellish the appearance of the nodes in your scene graph by adding special effects such as blurs, shadows, color displacements, glows, and so on. You can even add perspective to give your application a three-dimensional look without having to do actual 3D programming.

You probably won’t win an Oscar for any of the special effects described in this chapter, but at the least you’ll have fun!

Introducing Special Effects

Special effects in JavaFX derive from the Effect class, an abstract class that has a wide variety of subclasses you can use to create a special effect. There are a total of 17 ...

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