Chapter 17

Animating Your Scenes

In This Chapter

arrow Looking at the various ways to create JavaFX animations

arrow Using JavaFX transitions

arrow Using the KeyFrame and Timeline classes

arrow Creating bouncing balls

You can go a long way toward improving the look and feel of your applications by applying special effects as described in Chapter 14, incorporating property bindings to make your controls more responsive, and using sound and media to provide audio and visual interest. In this chapter, I discuss how to take your applications one step further by incorporating simple animation effects. The effects you read about in this chapter make your applications come alive by enabling objects on the screen to move.

Please don’t get your hopes set on winning an Oscar for Best Animation next year. No one will be fooled into thinking that you collaborated with Pixar on your application. Still, you can add some interesting whiz-bang to your applications using these techniques.

Introducing JavaFX Animation

The basic idea of JavaFX animations is to manipulate the value of one or more node properties at regular ...

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