Chapter 14. Servers III—RMI/IIOP

  • Introduction—CORBA—EJBs—PortableRemoteObject—Writing the server—Building the server—Java/IDL tool—Supporting both jrmp and IIOP—Restrictions—Implementing the service in another language—IIOP Clients—Implementing the client in another language—Exercises

In this chapter

We have discussed simple “unicast” servers in Chapter 7, and activatable servers in Chapter 10. This chapter describes how to write and implement RMI over IIOP (Internet Inter-ORB protocol). It discusses IIOP servers, dual-mode JRMP+IIOP servers, implementing the service and/or the client in another language, and lists the restrictions imposed by IIOP as compared to JRMP.


IIOP is the transport protocol adopted by the Object Management Group ...

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