Author's Acknowledgments

Thank you first to Heather. Even though I type all the words, this book is a real partnership, like the rest of our life. Thanks for being my best friend and companion. Thanks also for doing all the work it takes for us to sustain a family when I'm in writing mode.

Thank you to Mark Enochs. It's great to have an editor who gets me, and who's willing to get excited about a project. I really enjoy working with you.

Thanks a lot to Steve Hayes. It's been a lot of fun to dream up this idea with you, and to see it evolve from something a little messy to a project we can all be proud of. I'm looking forward to working with you more.

Thank you to the copy editors: Barry Childs-Helton, Virginia Sanders, and Rebecca Whitney. I appreciate your efforts to make my geeky mush turn into something readable. Thanks for improving my writing.

A special thanks to Jeff Noble for his technical editing. I appreciate your vigilance. You have helped to make this book as technically accurate as possible.

Thank you to the many people at Wiley who contribute to a project like this. The author only gets to meet a few people, but so many more are involved in the process. Thank you very much for all you've done to help make this project a reality.

A big thank you to the open source community which has created so many incredible tools and made them available to all. I'd especially like to thank the creators of Firefox, Firebug, Aptana, HTML Validator, the Web Developer toolbar, Notepad++, PHP, ...

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