Part II. Using JavaScript to Enhance Your Pages

Using JavaScript to Enhance Your Pages

In this part ...

JavaScript was developed as a language for manipulating Web pages. Use this part to learn how JavaScript interacts directly with the Web page.

Chapter 6 describes the powerful Document Object Model, and how this mechanism lets your JavaScript programs interact with the Web page. You'll learn how to listen for button events, and how to change parts of the page on the fly.

Chapter 7 describes ways to get more reliable input. First you learn how to use specialized user interface elements like list boxes and radio buttons. Secondly, you learn how to use regular expressions to ensure the value of text fields is in the correct format.

Chapter 8 teaches how to animate your page. You learn how to move page elements around on the page under user or program control. You learn how to animate elements and how to pre-load images for more efficient animation. You also learn how to read the keyboard and mouse.

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