Part III. Moving Up to AJAX

Moving Up to AJAX

In this part ...

Every once in a while, a technology comes along that threatens to change everything. AJAX is one such technology. In this part, you learn what all the fuss is about and why AJAX is such a big deal. You learn how to make your own AJAX requests by hand, and then you do some real Web 2.0 work with the fun and powerful jQuery library.

Chapter 9 describes the nuts-and-bolts details of AJAX — how it works, how meaningless the acronym is, and everything. See how to build an AJAX connection by hand (but after you've seen it once, use a library like everyone else does).

Chapter 10 introduces the spiffy jQuery library. This free toolkit simplifies AJAX tremendously, and it adds amazing new capabilities to JavaScript. Learn how to incorporate jQuery into your pages and get started with this incredible toolkit.

Chapter 11 shows how to use jQuery's many cool animation features. You'll make various elements play hide-and-seek, slide around, fade, and animate. It's really fun.

Chapter 12 introduces the incredible jQuery user interface toolkit. This fun tool allows you to create and use beautiful CSS themes. You also learn how to add dragging, dropping, and resizing behavior to any element on the page.

Chapter 13 describes more of the jQuery user interface, especially elements that improve usability. You learn how to easily build accordions and tabbed interfaces, ...

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