Chapter 12Incorporating Symbols

Chapters 9 through 11 cover some of the mechanics of various chart types using D3, Raphaël, and the Google Charts API. A large focus of these chapters was on charting types where each discrete data value was represented by a separate visual element. This chapter explores charting types, such as line and area, that provide an interpolated shape that connects all the data points. When dealing with such an interpolated shape, it can be useful to use a symbol, or marker, to indicate exactly where the underlying data values occur in the x-y space of the plot area.

You can use symbols for more than delineating the exact location of data values in an interpolated shape. In fact, some chart types consist only of symbols, such as a scatter chart or a bubble chart. Or, you might want to use a custom symbol to indicate the location of an event on a time series chart, for example.

So, this chapter explains ...

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