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JavaScript Choice Made Easy - Angular v. React v. Vue

Video Description

Harness the power of the three top frameworks on the JavaScript market

About This Video

  • Know the best tool for your next job
  • Choose your favorite JavaScript framework based on your needs and master it
  • Explore the JavaScript world and get to know its various packages and libraries

In Detail

Angular, React, and Vue are three very important frameworks in the JavaScript world. Thanks to them you can build dynamic websites. Add them to individual pages on your site or totally rely on them, by building single-page applications, but don't reinvent the wheel while you can leverage their power.

In this course we're going to build three dynamic applications. First, we're going to create an image browser—Image Ocean—in Angular, using TypeScript. It will also have the ability to upload images. After that we'll start React development while building the Clothes on Fire shopping application. To make our shop even better, we're going to add Redux to the mix. Redux is responsible for maintaining the state and data of JavaScript apps. It can be used with any framework. –Finally, we'll write a blog—not the articles though, but the blogging platform itself, in Vue. It will be called Wordsmith. For all three applications we're going to cover build tools, testing, and other parts of each framework's unique ecosystem.

By the end of the course you should be able to create your own application in the framework of your choice: Angular, React or Vue. You'll also easily jump into other frameworks (not covered in this course) by learning the fundamentals of single-page applications.