JavaScript Essentials LiveLessons (Video Training)

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JavaScript Essentials LiveLessonsis a developer's key to the world of JavaScript in Web Development, which is growing every day due to its wide-spread use, flexibility as a language, and globally understood format. Before developers can become proficient in JavaScript, they need to understand the basics of the language. Once they have the essential building blocks under their belt, they can build upon that knowledge to create increasingly complex elements.

This course gives a solid foundation on which to build skills, from the perspective of a web developer. The videos will be in the usual LiveLessons format with a combination of lecture, slides and code.

Jeff Tapperis Senior Technologist at Digital Primates. He has been developing internet applications since 1995, for clients including Major League Baseball, Morgan Stanley, ESPN, American Express, Harley Davidson and many more. He's authored a dozen books on various internet technologies, and is a frequent speaker at conferences around the world. He's also an Adobe Certified Master Instructor, and has been teaching all of their developer classes for the past decade.

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Skill Level

  • Beginner

What You Will Learn

  • What is JavaScript and how is it important
  • What is the relationship of JavaScript to the Browser
  • How to write and debug JavaScript
  • How to use JavaScript Operators
  • How to use functions in JavaScript to Create reusable code

Who Should Take This Course

  • Developers looking to add JavaScript to the languages in which they are comfortable working

Course Requirements

  • Basic understanding of programming and development
  • Familiarity with HTML
  • Familiarity with Web Technology

Lesson 1 “Introduction to JavaScript” explains what JavaScript is and why it is relevant. This lesson explains the role JavaScript plays in Web Applications, how it is created, how it runs and how it fits within a Web Architecture.

Lesson 2 “Your First JavaScript Program” walks you through setting up a development environment and explains how to use it. This lesson also explains how to test your code and use the browser based tools to debug it.

Lesson 3 “Understanding Data in JavaScript” explores the meaning of data types in a type-less language. In this lesson you learn about the native types of data in JavaScript, and how to create, read and write from objects of your own creation.

Lesson 4 “Functions ” explains how functions enable code reuse in your applications. This lesson explores why functions are necessary, how to use built in functions, and how to create and use your own functions.

Lesson 5 “All About Operators” explains the use of operators in a programming language. You will learn about specific operators for Math, Assignment and Comparison, and put those to use in looping structures.

Lesson 6 “Understanding HTML” walks you through the basics of HTML and CSS in a web application. This lesson goes on to have you put all the knowledge together into a one page e-commerce application.

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  • Title: JavaScript Essentials LiveLessons (Video Training)
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  • Release date: December 2013
  • Publisher(s): Pearson
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