JavaScript for Beginners: Learn with 6 Main Projects

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This course will guide you on your journey to becoming a confident JavaScript developer by equipping you with the right techniques and knowledge of essential concepts.

You will learn how to write JavaScript, along with understanding its application and how to execute it. Progressing through the sections, you’ll work with the JavaScript syntax and also discover ways to easily debug JavaScript code. One of the main reasons why JavaScript is so popular is because of its ability to interact with a web page. In this course, you will learn how to accept user input, change how a page looks, and take action based on the user’s action. Specific videos will also teach you about the different data types and how to use them. In addition to this, you’ll delve into numbers, strings, floats, functions, undefined, and null, along with understanding their importance. The course also features a dedicated section for objects, classes, and object-oriented programming (OOP), along with covering concepts such as hoisting, closures, promises, and block scoping. Finally, you’ll get to grips with topics such as APIs and Ajax requests.

By the end of this course, you will be well-versed with modern JavaScript and have the skills you need to write effective JavaScript code.

What You Will Learn

  • Understand how to use conditional statements in JavaScript
  • Discover how to write loops in JavaScript
  • Work with object-oriented programming (OOP) in JavaScript
  • Explore the different data types and data structures in JavaScript


This course is for any web developer who is new to JavaScript and wants to understand how to code and create efficient projects in JavaScript. You’ll also find this course useful if you already have prior experience of working with JavaScript but want to develop a better understanding of the language.

About The Author

Kalob Taulien: Kalob Taulien is a professional web developer who has been developing websites and working with start-ups since 1999. Since many years, he has been writing codes in Python and Django. He is in the core Wagtail CMS team and one of the core leaders in Wagtail-based education. The passion to learn and to share his knowledge by teaching and helping others is something that drives him constantly. His ability to turn complex programming concepts into easy-to-understand bits of knowledge has been called his 'superpower'. Throughout the years, he has built numerous websites. He even provides one-on-one coaching and start-up consulting to new organizations.

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  • Title: JavaScript for Beginners: Learn with 6 Main Projects
  • Author(s): Kalob Taulien
  • Release date: April 2020
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781800562431