Label object, Label
label property, Option object, Properties
labeled statements, Labeled Statements, continue
continue, continue
labels property, Properties, Properties, Properties
FormControl object, Properties
Meter object, Properties
Progress object, Properties
lang property, Element object, Properties
lastChild property, Node object, Properties
lastElementChild, Element object, Documents As Trees of Elements, Properties
lastEventId, MessageEvent object, Properties
lastIndex property, RegExp object, RegExp Properties, RegExp.lastIndex
lastIndexOf( ) method, indexOf() and lastIndexOf(), Arguments, String.lastIndexOf()
Array object, indexOf() and lastIndexOf(), Arguments
String object, String.lastIndexOf()
lastModified property, Document object, Document Properties, Properties
lastModifiedDate, File object, Files As Blobs, Properties
latitude property, Geocoordinates object, Properties
left and top style properties, Positioning Elements with CSS, The CSS Box Model and Positioning Details
left, right, top, and bottom properties, Querying the Geometry of an Element, Properties
ClientRect object, Properties
legacy event types, Legacy Event Types, Form events, Window events, Mouse events, Key events
form events, Form events
key events, Key events
mouse events, Mouse events
window events, Window events
length of a string, Text, Working with Strings
determining, Working with Strings
length property, Working with Strings, Reading and Writing Array Elements, Sparse Arrays, Array Length, Variable-Length Argument ...

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