JavaScript Tricks

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Level up your JavaScript skills by learning powerful techniques to solve practical, real-world problems

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  • Become a skilled JavaScript programmer and discover the tricks to perform essential operations you will run into while building apps
  • Implement powerful JavaScript techniques on your own without relying on libraries such as Lodash or Underscore
  • Gain a deeper understanding of core parts of the language - functions, objects, strings, numbers, and more!

In Detail

Learn JavaScript techniques that other courses leave out. Throughout this course, we'll learn by doing. We won't waste time on theory or extended explanations and will dive straight into the code and demonstrate tricks to supercharge your JavaScript development.

In this course, we'll learn through solving practical, real-world problems using the best JavaScript features. And in every step, when we solve a problem, we'll abstract our solution to give you powerful functions and patterns that you can use in your own projects. We'll examine multiple ways to solve the same problem, to give you the resources you need to find the techniques that are right for you. We'll cover tricks and techniques in all aspects of the language- objects, arrays, functions, strings, numbers, you name it! We'll do a lot of work with ES6 features that will allow you to get the job done with less code.

The 50+ plus tricks included in this course will make you overall a better, more productive, and resourceful JavaScript developer. This course will be your practical guide to becoming a better all-around JavaScript programmer by showing you how to get things done and do what you want with your code.

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Table of contents

  1. Chapter 1 : Getting Started
    1. Course Intro 00:01:31
    2. Tools Used 00:01:05
  2. Chapter 2 : Working with Objects
    1. Get Length of Object 00:01:10
    2. Iterate Over an Object 00:03:03
    3. Convert Object to Array 00:02:00
    4. Check if Property is in Object 00:02:52
    5. Prevent Object Properties from Being Added 00:01:34
    6. Prevent Object Properties from Being Added / Deleted 00:02:02
    7. Prevent Object Properties from Being Changed at All 00:01:49
    8. Merge Multiple Objects into One Object 00:03:05
    9. Computed Object Properties 00:05:07
    10. Delete or Filter Property of Object 00:04:22
    11. Get All Values in Object 00:01:11
  3. Chapter 3 : Working with Arrays
    1. Shallow Copy / Clone Array 00:02:31
    2. Get Random Element from Array 00:01:31
    3. Remove Falsy Values in Array 00:03:23
    4. Remove Items from Array 00:04:49
    5. Fill Array with Values 00:02:22
    6. Find Certain Element / Index / Indices of Array 00:03:09
    7. Make Range of Numbers within Array 00:02:17
    8. Get Unique Values in an Array 00:03:48
    9. Find Difference Between Two Arrays 00:02:02
    10. Remove Items from Left / Right Side of Array 00:04:38
    11. Find Shared Values Between Two Arrays 00:02:18
    12. Get Last Item / Everything Before in Array 00:02:39
    13. Return Last Item of Array, Create findLast / findLastIndex Functions 00:05:18
  4. Chapter 4 : Working with Functions
    1. Debounce Function 00:04:48
    2. 'Once' Function 00:06:36
    3. Measure Time for Function to Run 00:03:21
  5. Chapter 5 : Working with Strings
    1. Check if String Contains Substring 00:02:08
    2. Iterate Over a String 00:03:49
    3. Capitalize First Word of String 00:03:43
    4. Capitalize Every Word in String 00:02:04
  6. Chapter 6 : Working with Numbers / Math Operations
    1. Change Length of Decimals 00:01:47
    2. Fixing Math Errors with Decimals 00:02:54
    3. Get Random Integer in Range 00:03:04
    4. Round Decimals to Integers 00:01:49
    5. Get Random Decimal in Range 00:02:15
  7. Chapter 7 : General Tricks
    1. Shortcircuiting with Logical 'And' 00:02:47
    2. Use Function Declarations for Greater Flexibility 00:02:19
    3. Use Ternary Operator 00:04:45
    4. Use 'break' and 'continue' with For Loops 00:03:03
  8. Chapter 8 : ES6 Tricks
    1. Private Data using IIFEs or Block Scope 00:03:41
    2. Array Destructuring to Swap Variables 00:03:54

Product information

  • Title: JavaScript Tricks
  • Author(s): Reed Barger
  • Release date: October 2019
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781839216312