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JavaScript Variables Lifecycles

Video Description

Understand JavaScript Engine phases and lifecycles of the "var", "let", "const". Scopes, hoisting, closures simplified.

About This Video

  • All you need to know is basic JavaScript knowledge.
  • Fundamentals of CSS and a basic understanding of HTML.

In Detail

In this course, the author will dive deeper into the JavaScript and explain to you what happens under the hood when you declare any variable or function. You will understand what happens on the "Compilation" and "Execution" phases in JavaScript Engine. He will make explain to you what is a variable declaration, initialization, and assignment that are all-together called Variable Lifecycle Phases. We will also focus on this course on the Variables Usage Guidelines like Making Code clear and readable for others,Always declare variables before first usage, Always use "use strict" globally,Don't expose to the outer scopes local variables.

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