This action represents an instance of the component type registered with the type ID javax.faces.HtmlSelectManyListbox (by default, an instance of the javax.faces.component.html.HtmlSelectManyListbox class), combined with a renderer registered with the renderer type ID javax.faces.Listbox.

The component is rendered as an HTML <select> element with a name attribute set to the component’s client ID and a multiple attribute. If the size attribute is set, it is added to the <select> element with the specified value; otherwise a size attribute with the number of choices as the value is added. Each choice represented by the component’s children (one or more UISelectItem and UISelectItems components) is rendered as an <option> element or as an <optgroup> element if the child is of the UISelectItemGroup subtype. For all choices that match one of the component’s values, the selected attribute is set for the corresponding <option> element. If a choice is marked as disabled, the disabled attribute is also added.


<h:selectManyListbox [id="id"] [binding="componentBinding"] 
  [rendered="true|false"] [value="value"] [converter="converter"]
  [required="true|false"] [validator="validatorMethod"]
  [valueChangeListener="listenerMethod"] [immediate="true|false"]
  <!-- HTML attributes -->
  [accesskey="accessKey"] [dir="ltr|rtl"] [disabled="true|false"] [lang="lang"]
  [onblur="code"] [onchange="code"] [onclick="code"] [ondblclick="code"] 
  [onfocus="code"] [onkeydown=" ...

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