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Java™ APIs for XML Kick Start

Book Description

JAX: Java APIs for XML Kick Start covers the JAX APIs - fundamental for development of Java-based Web service applications as well as other e-Commerce applications requiring the exchange and manipulation of data. The book includes an overview of Web service fundamentals including SOAP, UDDI, and WSDL, all of which will be built upon in later examples. The book then covers the current set of JAX APIs for data processing, for messaging, for writing data to registries and for calling remote applications.

Each API is covered from an architectural and implementation perspective, using real-world examples and case studies throughout to illustrate their usefulness. The author will demonstrate both Web service and traditional JAX applications, giving a complete picture of the uses of JAX. The final chapter looks ahead to new developments and new APIs in progress at Sun.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. About the Authors
  3. Acknowledgments
  4. Introduction
  5. JAX Basics
    1. Using XML for Electronic Data Interchange
      1. XML and EDI
      2. Java and XML
      3. Summary
    2. Components of Web Services
      1. Web Services
      2. SOAP
      3. UDDI
      4. WSDL
      5. JAX and Web Services: The Great Car Parts Company Scenario
      6. Summary
  6. JAXP: Java API for XML Processing
    1. Implementing Simple APIs for XML
      1. The Packages in JAXP for Using SAX
      2. The Key JAXP Classes and Interfaces for SAX Support
      3. The JAXP and Reference Implementation JAR Files
      4. Creating a SAX-Parsing Application
      5. Summary
    2. Advanced Use of SAX
      1. Identifying Document and Event Locations
      2. Handling Lexical Events
      3. Customizing External Entity Resolution
      4. Handling Namespaces
      5. Generating SAX Events from a Text File
      6. Summary
    3. The Document Object Model
      1. Overview
      2. The DOM and the JAXP Packages
      3. Creating a DOM Application
      4. Accessing XML Data Using DOM
      5. Managing Data Using DOM
      6. Summary
    4. XSLT and XPath
      1. Overview
      2. The XSLT Packages
      3. Using XSLT with DOM
      4. Using XSLT with SAX
      5. SAX or DOM?
      6. XPath
      7. Transforming XML
      8. Creating the MyXSLTTransformer Application
      9. Summary
  7. JAXM: Java API for XML Messaging
    1. Messaging Fundamentals
      1. JAXM Message Exchange Categories
      2. Interoperability with Other Messaging Applications
      3. JAXM and SOAP Messaging Styles
      4. JAXM Elements
      5. The JAXM Packages
      6. Summary
    2. Creating Client Implementations
      1. Standalone Client Implementation
      2. Client with Messaging Provider
      3. Summary
  8. JAXR and JAX-RPC
    1. Registry Fundamentals
      1. Existing Registries
      2. Registry Uses
      3. Registry Use Model
      4. The Registry Information Model
      5. The JAXR Specification
      6. The JAXR Architecture
      7. The JAXR Packages
      8. Summary
    2. JAXR Implementations
      1. The JWSDP Registry Server
      2. Publishing Data to a Registry
      3. Querying Data from a Registry
      4. Deleting Data from Registry
      5. Summary
    3. Working with JAX-RPC
      1. JAX-RPC Working Mechanism
      2. Constituents of a JAX-RPC Server and Client
      3. JAX-RPC Packages
      4. The javax.xml.rpc Package
      5. The xrpcc Tool
      6. The Types Supported by JAX-RPC
      7. The CarPartRequest Web Service
      8. The CarPartRequestClient Application
      9. Summary
  9. JAX in the Real World and the Future
    1. Case Study: Deploying a Web Service Using JAX
      1. Case Study Description
      2. Order of Development
      3. Setting Up the JWSDP Registry Server
      4. Creating Applications That Register Supplier Information to the Registry
      5. Developing the Web Services
      6. Summary
    2. Looking Ahead: JAXB and Beyond
      1. Java Architecture for XML Binding
      2. JAXB Components
      3. JDOM 1.0
      4. XML Trust Service APIs
      5. XML Digital Signature APIs
      6. XML Digital Encryption APIs
      7. XML Transactioning API for Java (JAXTX)
      8. ebXML CPP/A APIs for Java
      9. Streaming API for XML (StAX)
      10. Java APIs for WSDL
      11. Summary
  10. Appendixes
    1. Installing the JAX Pack
      1. Java XML Pack
      2. Java Web Services Developer Pack (JWSDP)
      3. JAX XML Pack or JWSDP?
      4. Getting and Installing JWSDP
    2. XML: A Quick Tour
      1. What Is XML?
      2. A Sample XML Document
      3. The XML Declaration
      5. The Root Element
      6. Processing Instructions
      7. Elements
      8. Attributes
      9. Character References
      10. Entity References
      11. CDATA Section
      12. Document Type Definition (DTD)
      13. The Document Type Declaration
      14. Declaring Elements
      15. Declaring Attributes
  11. Index