Java™ Oracle® Database Development

Book Description

The hands-on tutorial for Java developers who want to integrate their applications with the industy leading Oracle 8i and 9i databases.

  • Provides an introduction to database design, including the essentials of SQL, to get Java programmers started with Oracle comfortably, confidently and quickly!

  • Covers important Java database technologies, such as JDBC and JDO—step-by-step, with examples.

  • Covers both Oracle 8i and 9I—including new 9i features, such as object-relational features, all highlighted with examples.

  • Table of Contents

    1. Copyright
    2. THE PRENTICE HALL PTR ORACLE SERIESThe Independent Voice on Oracle
    3. About Prentice Hall Professional Technical Reference
    4. Preface
    5. Java, Databases, and Oracle
      1. The Right Tool at the Right Time
      2. Types of Databases
      3. Oracle and Java
    6. Database Design Essentials
      1. Tables, Columns, and Rows
      2. Oracle Datatypes
      3. Designing a Database
    7. SQL Essentials
      1. Data Definition Language
      2. Data Manipulation Language
      3. SQL Functions
      4. Transactions
    8. More SQL: Queries, Subqueries, and Views
      1. Aggregate Functions, GROUP BY and HAVING
      2. Putting Data in Order
      3. Combining Data from Different Tables
      4. Subqueries
    9. PL/SQL
      1. Getting Started with PL/SQL
      2. Basic PL/SQL Language Elements
      3. Program Elements
      4. Java Stored Procedures
    10. Oracle Object-Relational Features
      1. Object Types
      2. Inheritance and Object Evolution in Oracle 9i
    11. SQLJ
      1. SQLJ Statements and the SQLJ Translator
    12. Introduction to JDBC
      1. Connecting to the Database
      2. Executing SQL Statements
      3. Executing SQL Queries
      4. Large Objects—BLOBs and CLOBs
    13. Advanced JDBC Features
      1. Connection Options
      2. JDBC Driver Types
      3. Using DataSource Instead of DriverManager
      4. Scrollable, Sensitive, Updateable ResultSets
      5. RowSets
      6. Using Oracle Object-Relational Features with JDBC
    14. Introduction to J2EE and Persistence
      1. A J2EE Overview
      2. Designing a J2EE Application
      3. The Oracle Containers for J2EE, OC4J
      4. Deploying the Web Application
      5. EJBs and Web Applications
    15. A Quick Tour of EJB
      1. The EJB Distributed Object Model
      2. Introduction to Bean Building: A Stateless Session Bean
      3. Debugging with JDeveloper
      4. Packaging and Deploying the EJB—Overview
      5. Session Beans, Value Objects, and Data Access Objects
      6. A Bean-Managed Persistent Entity Bean
      7. The Sample Client Application
    16. Object-Relational Mapping and Java Data Objects
      1. Java Data Objects
      2. Class Relationships and Persistence
    17. Index

    Product Information

    • Title: Java™ Oracle® Database Development
    • Author(s): David J. Gallardo
    • Release date: December 2002
    • Publisher(s): Prentice Hall
    • ISBN: 0130462187