Chapter 3. Meet the Guvnor

By now, you're probably keen to see if rule engines can live up to the hype. In the previous chapter, we set up all of the tools that we need. Now we're going to dive right in and write our first business rule.

Although we have a couple of choices of business rule editor, we will start writing our rules using the Guvnor editor (formerly known as the BRMS). This is a user-friendly web editor that's powerful enough to test our rules as we write them. Along the way, we'll explain some of these concepts:

  • A quick tour of Guvnor

  • Loading the samples

  • Our first business rule—Hello world

Taking a tour with the Guvnor

If you've ever been in London, most of the taxi drivers will call you Guv'nor. We'll avoid all play with words (and cockney ...

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