Chapter 4. Guided Rules with the Guvnor

In the last chapter we took a tour with the Guvnor and used it to write our first business rule, and printed out a traditional 'Hello World' message. Although this rule is a major step forward for us, we're not really using the full power of the Drools rule engine. In this chapter, we're going to stay with the Guvnor rule editor, and use it to write some more sophisticated rules. In particular, we're going to:

  • Show how to put information into and out of our rules

  • Build a fact model to hold this information

  • Import our newly built model into Guvnor

  • Create guided rules using this fact model

  • Run and test our new fact-based rules

Passing information in and out

The main reason for the simplicity of our Hello World example ...

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