Drools was co-created by Bob McWhirter and I at Codehaus, a fantastic collaborative environment for open source development. Drools 2.0, the first official release of Drools, was a great volunteer effort from a range of people working tirelessly over evenings and weekends.

There is a long-running joke that much of Drools 2.0 was written while under the influence of beer—much to the chagrin of a CTO who was told this little anecdote just after telling us that transactions worth millions of dollars were processed with Drools 2.0.

The success of Drools 2.0 didn't go unnoticed. I was soon given the opportunity, by Marc Fleury, to work full time on Drools at Jboss—now a division of Red Hat. With the backing of JBoss, I was soon able to hire ...

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