24. Seam Without EJB3

JBoss Seam was originally designed to be a framework on top of Java EE 5.0—to bridge the gap between JSF and EJB3. However, Seam is also highly flexible and can stand on its own. In fact, Seam has no hard dependency on either JSF or EJB3. In Section 2.4.1., “Seam POJO Components”, we already mentioned that you can use POJO components to replace EJB3 components. That is good news for developers who are not yet ready to move to EJB3. We can build Seam applications solely from POJOs, and such applications can be deployed in any J2EE 1.4 application server, such as the default configuration of JBoss AS (i.e., no AOP or EJB3 module installed), WebLogic AS, WebSphere AS, Oracle AS, and others. With a little help from the JBoss ...

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