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JBoss™ Administration and Development

Book Description

The Official JBoss Development and Administration Guide offers a single source for information about deploying, administering, and extending JBoss. The book provides up-close and in-depth information both about the intricacies of JBoss and the best practices of J2EE development. The reader will be able, though this book, to install JBoss and develop J2EE applications as well as extending and enhancing JBoss itself--a primary benefit of the open-source nature of the JBoss product.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. About the Authors
  3. Acknowledgments
  4. Tell Us What You Think!
  5. Introduction
  6. Installing and Building the JBoss Server
    1. Getting the Binary
    2. Installing the Binary Package
    3. Directory Structure
    4. Configuration Files
    5. Testing the Installation
    6. Building the Server from Source Code
    7. Summary
  7. JBoss Server Architecture Overview
    1. JMX
    2. JBoss and JMX
    3. The EJB Container Architecture
    4. Summary
  8. JBossNS—The JBoss JNDI Naming Service
    1. An Overview of JNDI
    2. J2EE and JNDI—The Application Component Environment
    3. The JBossNS Architecture
    4. Additional Naming MBeans
    5. Summary
  9. JBossMQ—The JBoss JMS Messaging Service Implementation
    1. An Overview of JMS
    2. An Overview of the JBossMQ Architecture
    3. Configuring JBossMQ
    4. Summary
  10. JBossCMP—The JBoss Container-Managed Persistence Layer
    1. Container Managed Persistence—CMP
    2. The JBossCMP Architecture
    3. JAWS—The Default CMP Implementation
    4. Customizing the Behavior of JAWS
    5. Configuring JDBC
    6. Summary
  11. JBossTX – The JBoss Transaction Manager
    1. Transaction/JTA Overview
    2. JBoss Transaction Internals
    3. Summary
  12. JBossCX—The JBoss Connector Architecture
    1. JCA Overview
    2. An Overview of the JBossCX Architecture
    3. Summary
  13. JBossSX—The JBoss Security Extension Framework
    1. J2EE Declarative Security Overview
    2. An Introduction to JAAS
    3. The JBoss Security Model
    4. The JBossSX Security Extension Architecture
    5. Using and Writing JBossSX Login Modules
    6. The Secure Remote Password (SRP) Protocol
    7. Running JBoss With a Java 2 Security Manager
    8. Using SSL with JBoss Using JSSE
    9. Summary
  14. Advanced JBoss Configuration Using jboss.xml
    1. The jboss.xml Descriptor
    2. Summary
  15. Integrating Web Containers
    1. The AbstractWebContainer Class
    2. JBoss/Tomcat-4.x Bundle Notes
    3. Summary
  16. Using JBoss
    1. Building and Running Enterprise Applications with JBoss
    2. Migrating the Java Pet Store 1.1.2 Application to JBoss
    3. Using the JBossTest Unit Test Suite
    4. Summary
  17. About The JBoss Group
    1. The GNU Lesser General Public liceNse (LGPL) and X License
  18. JBoss Descriptor Schema Reference
    1. The JBoss Server jboss.xml Descriptor DTD
    2. The JBoss Server jaws.xml Descriptor DTD
    3. The JBoss Server jboss-web.xml Descriptor DTD
    4. The JBoss Server jboss.jcml Configuration File DTD
    5. The JBoss Server jbossmq-state.xml Configuration File DTD
  19. The CD Contents
  20. Tools and Book Examples
    1. Using Ant
    2. Using the Log4j Framework in JBoss
    3. Installing and Using the Book Examples
  21. Index