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JDBC Fundamentals

Video Description

Learn all about JDBC (Java Database Connectivity). This video series includes six clips:

  1. Introduction to JDBC. Learn about JDBC and why it is a useful tool in accessing data from a database. JDBC handles all requests and responses from a database or any application. Understand the drivers behind JDBC, and how JDBC compares with similar packages such as ODBC.
  2. Establishing a Connection. Practice connecting via JDBC to a database. Learn some JDBC tricks such as building a reusable script to connect to any database.
  3. Retrieving Data. Master a number of different methods to fetch data from a database. Learn all about cursors and result sets.
  4. Preparing Data. Master the very powerful Prepare statement.
  5. CRUD Operations. Apply Create, Read, Update, Delete (CRUD) operations in JDBC.
  6. Inserting Objects. Practice inserting objects such as pictures into a database using JDBC.
  7. Batch Processing. Learn all about batch processing, including those methods most important for bulk load.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to JDBC 00:08:59
  2. Establishing a Connection 00:20:28
  3. Retrieving Data 00:16:40
  4. Preparing Data 00:15:00
  5. CRUD Operations 00:22:17
  6. Inserting Objects 00:12:32
  7. Batch Processing 00:07:58